Custom SOS Chests


The bounties left by pirates and adventurers are at the bottom of the ocean.


Outbreak UO offers unique rewards for aspiring sailors or pirates. By going after treasure chests found inside the bottles you fish, you will find unique rewards, only by fishing these chests you will get these items. Currently the exclusive possible items to be found are:

Master Runebook - will keep all your runebooks in one place.

Energy Resist Deed - will add 5% of this resist type to an item.

Fire Resist Deed - same as above.

Cold Resist Deed - same as above.

Poison Resist Deed - same as above.

Physical Resist Deed - same as above.

Cold Damage Scroll - will change 1% of your wep type of dmg.

Energy Damage Scroll - same as above.

Fire Damage Scroll - same as above.

Poison Damage Scroll - same as above.

Greater Bag of Holding - 36 item slot bag of holding.

NPC Token - Allows you to add a specific vendor to your house.

Moon Coin - The donation currency (Spend in the donation room).

Captain Title Deed

Phophet Title Deed

Bag of Sleeping Pets Deco

Bag of All Regs - 800 of each reagent type.

Non-Exclusive Items: Bank Bell - Allows you to open your bank anywhere.

Major Bless Bag - 15 item slot bless bag.

PS Scroll Deed - Allows you to pick a 120 PS of your choice.